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Personal Trainers providing bespoke training & nutrition programmes for females.

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We have over 17 years experience of training females.

Enjoy a private training experience with us.

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Personalised training programmes designed by Martin Khoo & Kelly Bass.

Get your own personally designed programmes to increase muscle, strength, endurance, stability, range of motion and athletic performance. We'll take into account your body type, muscular balance, and training history when designing training programmes for you.

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Our PT App

For clients who want fast results

All clients get access to our app that contains workout designed specifically for them, with video descriptions, so they can workout in confidence alone.

Nutrition For Females

The latest nutritional science, eating plans, recipes, and strategies; comes as standard as part of your personal training.

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Our Fitness Strategy


Enjoy training in a completely private training environment. An environment designed for complete focus on health and fitness.

Evidence Based

Our aim is to provide you with the most effective, science driven, evidence based workouts and eating plans for health and fitness goals.


All of your training sessions will be designed around you, taking into account your goals, body type, experience and preferences.


We dont want to just give you a workout, our aim is to educate you in exercise and nutrition so you can keep up the good work with or without us.

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