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Outsource Your Fitness in 2023

Over 17 years of experience as personal trainers helping our clients get fitter, leaner, stronger and healthier in Glasgow.

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Your own Totally Private Training Studio

With a no annoying people who shout & bang the dumbells gaurantee.

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17 years of innovation

The "Bespoke Fitness Studio" in West Regent Street was opened by Martin Khoo in 2012 to provide a private training environment for his clients.

The studios mission remains to provide clients with latest evidence based exercise, nutrition, technology and lifestyle habits to achieve their health and fitness goals.

Although the studio is a private by appoinment only service, the team welcome anyone wanting to improve their health and fitness.

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Company Director-Martin Khoo, Bsc, MSST, CSCS

Our Four Pillars of Improvements

Effective Workouts

We will use the most effective exercises to get you results. We take into account factors like: muscle balance, posture, training levels, goals, body type and experience when designing your sessions.

Exercise Presciption

Those wanting to get really fit and do a bit extra on their own will get personally tailored home or gym workouts. We'll use our training app to provide you personalised programmes so you know exactly what you need to do.

Diet & Nutrition

We're big on nutrition. We'll teach you everything you need to know about eating for your health and fitness goals, provide you with the plan and the resources to implement it.

Habit & LIfestyle

The foundation that all good health and fitness are built on are healthy daily habits. We advise clients on how to intergrate and optimise sleep, nutrition, supplementation, biometric technonolgy and exercise to improve health.

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