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The science of muscle Gain

Want more muscle? We have designed the muscle gain personal training package for male clients who want serious muscle gain. Our personal trainers will provide you with an intensive 8 week training scheduale and eating plan to help you pack on the muscle.

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The training method

Our 12 week periodised resistance training programmes, contains cutting edge, science based resistance training methods and techniques, that proggressively overload the muscle

Nutrition for muscle gain

Eat your way to more muscle. Our detailed eating plans outline: exactly what to eat, when to eat, how much to eat, and the latest information on supplements help your gains. Get the latest in nutritional science drive your muscle gains.

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get the whole gym

Hate sharing kit with other people in the gym? No problem, when you when you work with your personal trainer, you'll get all the kit to yourself. 8 exercise giant sets are easy when you have the gym to yourself.

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